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Engraving in the flat

Both in the European and American house design engravings has a determining role. From past time up to our days we meet with engravings in flats and houses as decorating items. Collectors may gather a grait many of them or may cover a whole wall with decorative or artistic engravings. The designer relying on the taste and intereset of the owner may arrange the engravings in spots or in a dominant, or somewhere even in a crowded way. In this case there is no emphasis on the technique. A properly placed woodcut from the XVI. century has just the same decorating value as a lithography with a horse from the XIX. century. It is just so comfortable to lay back in the arm-chair from where we a have a view of a historical portrait, a three houndred years old map or a battle-scene. The atmosphere of the dining room or of the kitchen can be retouched with a plant or animal composititon. The choice of engraving can reflect contrast when it is done with conciously shaped taste. In our shop we give help to you in choosing the engraving, the colour of the passe-partout, and we give advice about making the framework. We sell all engravings with accurate technical dating and on certain occasions with treatise enclosed. Sometimes there is only a small difference between the price of an original and the impress engravings that can be bought on the market. Never settle for than the original! We guarantee you that the engravings you by from us are the original ones. Visit us and taste the art of the past times!

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