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procedure of registration | procedure of shopping | procedure of paying with creditcard | frequently asked questions | rules of order

Procedure of registration

  1. Choose the regitration link in the menu!
  2. Fill the form and click on the "registration" button!
  3. If you filled every field correctly, on the next page you are signed in.

Procedure of shopping

  1. Sign in!
  2. Choose the "put into the basket" link at item, what you want to purchase!
  3. Click on the check out menuitem.
  4. Check the content of your basket, ansver few few questions about payment method and shipping!
  5. Sign that you accept the rules of order and confirm your purchase.

Procedure of paying with creditcard

  1. After the 5th. point of ordering a new window will open with the bank page. In some system it can open automaticaly, if necessary open it by hand, with a click on the "click here" link.
  2. Check the shop name and the ammount of shopping!
  3. Enter your card details!
  4. Confirm that data is correct!
  5. Read the bank's answer and close that window. Read our answer. If everything was OK, you can read the order number and confirmation of the success order.

Frequently asked questions

technical questions

1. How can I register myself?
Choose the registration link in the last window of the menu on the left side. Fill the form and send it! After it, you automaticaly signed in.
3. How can I enable receive cookies?
It's client side -independent from us- question. If you can't do it yourself, ask your system administrator.
6. There are to many/few items on one page. Is it possible to change it?
Yes you can change it at the menu on the left side at the bottom of catalog window.
7. Is it possible to zoom the pictures about the items?
Yes, if you click on the picture in detailed view, the picture come up in a new windov with the original size.
8. Paying with creditcard is secure?
Yes. You are pay directly to the bank, in an encrypted channel. We never have contact with your card details. For securety reasons, I suggest to check the following on the bank webpage:
  1. The address start with: https://www.otpbankdirekt.hu/ (of course after there is much more data)
  2. Certification of the encrypted channel.
  3. Name of the shop.
  4. Amount of the shopping.

other questions

9. Why is necessary the registration.
It's a tried method in the e-commerce for comfortable authentication for users and get more services. For example:
  • You don't have to reenter your address on every purchase.
  • You can browse between the new items from your last login. So you get a customized novelty column.
10. Why is it good, if I order from the web?
  • "receive and pay in the shop":
    • Nobody can take your choosen items.
    • You don't have to wait until we search each item. Your package will be complete when you come to the shop.
    • You don't have to remeber for any data(author, title, item number, etc), we can serv you only by your name.
  • receive by post:
    • Nobody can take your choosen items.
    • You are informed about the shipping cost.
    • You can manage every options of the shipping, so you know every cost before buying.
  • Every order from "outside the system" are make more difficult the fast and correct administration. We want to serv you as accurately and as fast as possible. For the above reason, we can't accept order from e-mail or telephone.
11. It sounds good, but I want to check my items personally before I buy it. What happen if won't take it? Is unnecessary to order it?
No. If you choose "receive and pay in the shop" for payment method, you don't have any obligation for buying. You don't risk anything, only enjoy advantages, what it's described in the previous ansver.
12. How long are reserved my items?
For 10 days. If you can't collect or pay until 10 days, but you interested in, please notify us.
13. How much is the shipping cost?
It's callculated automaticaly by the software, so you know it before you finish your order. You don't have to pay for wrapping.
14. From which countries can I order? Are there any restrictions?
We are shipping to all over the world. The only restriction: collect on delivery is only possible interior.
15. How can I pay for posted package?
16. From which countries are possible to pay by international post money order?
/The list is only depend on the Hungarian Post, not on us./
17. I have been waiting for X days for my package. Was it mailed?
You can check your orders and packages at the menu on the left side in the my orders link. We can ask the Post for your registered mail only 2 weeks after, when it was mailed.
18. Was my order successfull? How can I check it?
Check the my orders at the menu on the left side.
19. I saw an item on the website, but I didn't find in the shop on the self. Is this possible?
Yes, there aren't every items on the selfs. Of yourse, we show every items what you ask, but can't show every item from a category without any aspects for technical reasons.

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